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Farm 7 Capital's Unique Investment Model 

Farm 7 Capital Process Innovation

Farm 7 Capital has outlines some of the many factors affecting the global food system; economic and social factors, increased labour cost, labour shortages in the agricultural sector, cost of capital (finance), technology, government, environmental factors, competition from the global market.


In order to streamline the creation of sustainable global Smart Farms for the development of future generational transfer, our organization has created a unique development model. This model utilizes forward thinking in terms of risk mitigation from all side, leading to a fully protected SPV-LP fund. Our mandate is to hedge all risk aspects of the SPV-LP fund for our investors and our farmers while ensuring the children of the future have a sustainable food source derived from ingenuity and technology.


With the many global issues surrounding agricultural investing Farm 7 Capital has focused their efforts on the risk reduction strategies of, forward contracts, insurance backed agriculture, AI Smart Farm technology, precision agriculture and global development banks. With their innovative process, Farm 7 Capital use many tools in their risk mitigation strategy. The strategies main focus is to solve many of the issues investing into the global agriculture sector. 

By encompassing the SPV-LP Funds with the outlined risk mitigation tools Farm 7 Capital looks to bring you agriculture investing of the future.



Our Goal

Our main goal at Farm 7 Capital is for the deployment of funds for the utilization of developing “Smart Farms” globally.

Forward contracts, insurance backed agriculture, AI Smart Farm technology, precision agriculture and global development banks are the differentiating factors Farm 7 Capital use in their risk mitigation strategy. The strategies main focus is to solve many of the issues  investing into the global agriculture sector.


Our Smart Farms lead to a sustainable future for not only us but our children as well.  



Building For The Future

Our comprehensive understanding of the role the food chain  and its impact on food availability, accessibility, security is unprecedented. We have a full spectrum of participants from multinational agricultural growers and producers, fertilizer and agro-chemical producers, to lenders, investors and suppliers to the industry.


Our superior management team has a world of experience in corporate law, risk management, financial management and assessment, commodities trading, project and agricultural development. By encompassing the team under one roof, Farm 7 Capital is looking to the future of sustainable agriculture as an asset class and the benefits our future generations.

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Sustainable Guidance

To develop a sustainable future for many generations to come, we must all come together to unite the available talent. At Farm 7 Capital we look to assist with the following avenues of concern;

  • Profitable farming models

  • Agricultural risk management

  • Attractive model for farm operators

  • Stable long term development

  • Low risk, as compared to other forms of investments with the development backed by insurance protection

  • Sustainable social impact

  • Participation in long-term development within the agricultural sector

  • The demand for food  is greater than current supplies

  • Software monitoring of “value chain” from “field to fork”



Social Impact

The fund provides investors with a vehicle that promotes significant positive change in the chosen farming regions. We look to assist in the development of rural infrastructure and agricultural training. Included in our mandate are the following items in which we deploy our development team to assist in the successful facility;


  • Land Development

  • Employment

  • Health Care

  • Housing

  • Education 

  • Food Security 

  • Skill Transfer

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