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“Farm 7 Capital differentiates itself from other agricultural companies by focusing on risk reduction through insurance products. With this focus, we look to eliminate the environmental, political and global factors commonly associated with agricultural investing. Our risk reduction hedge is backed by the development of Smart Farms with assistance from Leading Technology Companies and their AI technology.”

Dr. Doug Macfadden - Medical Director

Our comprehensive understanding of the role the food chain  and its impact on food availability, accessibility, security is unprecedented. We have a full spectrum of participants from multinational agricultural growers and producers, fertilizer and agro-chemical producers, to lenders, investors and suppliers to the industry.

Our superior management team has a world of experience in corporate law, risk management, financial management and assessment, commodities trading, project and agricultural development. By encompassing the team under one roof, Farm 7 Capital is looking to the future of sustainable agriculture as an asset class and the benefits our future generations.

Dr. Doug Macfadden
Medical Director

Dr. MacFadden is a Canadian businessman who initially trained as a physician/scientist. This research background proved critical for the success of his private pharmaceutical company RM Ltd and resulted in numerous therapeutic patents. Following the sale of RM Ltd he formed ACLC Ltd which provides professional consultation services within the healthcare industry. In 2008 he joined FE Corporation as a director and has since been actively engaged in the provision of financing and the development of agriculture projects in Canada and countries globally. Dr MacFadden is a co-founder and now the president of Farm7Group.

Professor Geman
Senior Financial Officer

Professor Geman is the Senior Financial Officer for Farm 7 Capital, overseeing all investment and agricultural decisions


For the past 21 years, Professor Geman has consulted for major banks, energy and mining companies as well as commodity trading houses, covering the spectrum of interest rates, catastrophic risk, crude oil and electricity, metals and agriculturals. She was previously the Head of Research at Caisse des Depots in Paris. Professor Geman was the first president of the Bachelier Finance Society and has published more than 150 papers in top international finance and insurance Journals including the Journal of Finance, Mathematical Finance, Journal of Financial Economics or Resources Policy.

Professor Geman's research includes interest rates and catastrophic insurance, asset price and commodity forward curve modeling, valuation of physical assets in the commodity industry, as well as exotic option pricing for which she won the first prize of the Merrill Lynch Awards in 1995.

Sheikh Khaled Al Thunayan
Chairman - Middle East Affairs

Sheikh Khalid Althunayan comes from a prominent business family in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , he has been involved in financing multiple multibillion dollar projects and companies in the Middle East and internationally. Sheikh Khalid has specifically been mostly involved in Agriculture , Real Estate , Clean Energy technologies and innovation.


Sheikh Khalid currently owns and operates multiple manufacturing facilities in the Kingdom as steel and Silica manufacturing companies. Sheikh Khalid also co-owns and operates a Grade AAA Construction company. Which is involved in contracting multibillion dollars Infrastructure, housing , clean energy projects in the Kingdom.  


Sheikh Khalid brings the necessary expertise in financing and investments,  public Relations and government relations to Farm 7 in the Middle East.

Sheikh Thunayan Athunaya
CEO- Middle East Affairs
Gareth Wiggan
Director - Agriculture Financing 

Gareth Wiggan is a Canadian businessman and entrepreneur and is one of the founders of the  Farm7Group. After many successful years developing new business opportunities in Canada he took the position of a financial consultant to various members of the UAE and Saudi Arabia royal family. During that time he developed an interest in agriculture as an investment opportunity. He subsequently spent much of the last eight years in various regions of Africa developing an agriculture-based investment platform that has evolved into Farm7Capital. He has engineered a unique and innovative risk management strategy using future contracts and insurance in order to provide a sustainable investment with optimal returns for investors.


Dr. Doug Macfadden
Professor German
Gareth Wiggan
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